@seniorsbynicollette Happy #seniorstylesaturday! Details on the bloggyblog www.seniorsbynicollette.com/journal and shoutout to @nhakhanh for the lovely skirt!

Happy #SeniorStyle Saturday!

For the girly girls, I always encourage a fluffy skirt or dress, especially if it's made of tulle fabric. There are endless possibilities to what you can pair with this skirt designed by Nha Khanh


  • Off-the-shoulder Cross-sweater. Or any type of knitted sweater, especially if it's slouchy and off the shoulder. GASP–This look would look cute with a beanie too!
  • Oversized button up tucked in but unbuttoned low to show off that cute, lace/strappy bra/cami. 


  • Depending on whatcha got on top, you could literally pair this skirt with anything, even sneakers! GASP–Especially sneakers! <3 

All the best!

P.S. Just to let you ladies in on a little secret... I'm always cold, so if you are feeling like you want to dress up but don't want to freeze to death in a skirt, you can always throw on some knee length sweats underneath and NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW! Plus, your dress will look super full and fluffy. ;)

*Top is from MISSGUIDED. Needle Bracelet (right) from Brandy Pham.

Nicollette Mollet