Happy FREEZING COLD Sunday! :P

So this was originally supposed to be for yesterday's #SeniorStyleSaturday butttttttt I had a lovely and busy day yesterday so it's just gonna have to be #SeniorStyleSunday ;)

Last weekend, Corey and I (my handsome beau), were checking out the The Crescent Hotel for a possible future location shoot and decided to have our own little photo shoot. I'd say he did a pretty good job on the photography by catching all sorts of expressions of mine, yeah?!

In these photos I'm wearing a glossy top and draw string trousers from Zara. I'm obsessed with that top, dude. My coat is from H&M (it's pretty warm!) and my shoes are from Sam & Libby for Target.

I highly do NOT recommend wearing this outfit on a day like this (or on a day like the one I wore this), but knowing our unreliable, bi-polar Texas weather, you can probably wear this tomorrow or maybe even the day after. 

For me, personally, this would be a great outfit for a casual chic look in the studio. We can always dress up this top or dress it down, the possibilities are endless. 

On a side note, one of my good friends and talented colleagues did my hair cut and color! Quite a drastic change but I'm loving it (as I'm sure you can tell). 


Stay warm! <3

Nicollette Mollet