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Hello, Pretty Ladies!

Thank you for visiting my very first #seniorstylesaturday blog post!

Before a session, I typically have seniors asking, "What do I wear?!" Well, fret no more, I am excited to announce that this question inspired me to start posting outfit ideas.

Today, I went with the bright red romper from Strut, and the beige fringe heels from... Well, frankly, I don't remember––Anywho! There's nothing more striking than bringing an outfit with a bright pop of color. 

A bright red color goes especially stunning with olive or dark skin tones, and if your skin tone is more on the pink side, I suggest going with bright blues, or greens. 

Rompers bring variety to the photoshoot, which is why I love it when seniors bring these because you can dress it up or dress it down. Being a shorty myself, I prefer to wear a nude heel to create the leg-extension-illusion *wink, wink.* However, I also tend to use juxtaposition when styling my girls. For example, I may even have her wear some sporty sneakers with this outfit. Below I have a few suggestions: 

  • Nude Heels: Every girls gotta just have these in her closet. This is what I would put in a category called "basics"!
  • Strappy Heels or Flats: If you're going to wear flats, I suggest making sure they're a little more interesting than your typical flat. A basic flat would look totally cute in person, but in pictures, it's best to make it a little more interesting than usual.
  • High Top Sneakers: C'mon... this oozes coolness. If your legs are a little on the thicker side, however, I suggest going with some high heel sneakers or sneakers without the high top look: AALESSA Sneakers or BOEHMER Sneakers
  • Platform Flat/Wedge: Okay... Honestly, I used to think these types of shoes were hideous. I quickly became a conformist to the platform flat when I noticed someone at a party wearing an ordinary outfit (like, a t-shirt and jeans.. nothing special at all) and these shoes. The shoes instantly transformed her entire outfit, and I couldn't help but think she was probably the coolest chick there. 

Until next time!


Nicollette Mollet