Hi, photogs!

Just a quick announcement that I will be teaching multiple studio workshops at the PUSH Conference 2019 this year! I'm always receiving messages and emails from photographers asking if I give training/workshops, etc. and this would be an amazing opportunity to not only see & learn how I work but also learn from 17 other INCREDIBLE photographers/entrepreneurs, etc.

We get the whole hotel to ourselves, located in Greencastle, IN for 4 days. This will be my 2nd year to be a part of it and I had such a blast, I CAN'T. FRIGGIN'. WAIT.

The attendee spots go quickly, so if you're interested, I recommend not waiting on this opportunity. During this 4 day conference, not only do I love to demonstrate how I work, I love getting to meet everyone, talking shop, and making new connections/friendships! <3

I have my very own special affiliate link so if you plan to purchase your spot, make sure you use this specific link here (and I get a nice pat on the back for referring you *wink*):

Nicollette Mollet’s PayPal Affiliate Link to the PUSH CONFERENCE 2019 by Senior Style Guide Magazine

If you want to learn more, please visit this link here:


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PUSH CONFERENCE 2019 - Senior Style Guide

Visit @seniorsbynicollette on instagram

Check out my stories from last year’s workshop under “Werkshopz”