I’m One Happy Mama! What a beautiful experience! Nicollette is an extremely talented photographer that captures more than a snapshot of someone... my daughter’s senior photos were like no other. Bonus was Walter Fuentes with HMU on point!
— Patsi, Mom of Aly, Senior 2015
Nicollette gave me the best experience I could’ve asked for! She made me feel super comfortable and really listened to my ideas and worked with me! My hair and make up artist (Walter Fuentes) was also really good. They made me feel like I was famous... lol. Don’t miss out!!!
— Emma, Senior 2016
Nicollette provided excellent vision for one of the covers of our URBANwell Magazine as well as my daughter’s senior portraits. Her attention to detail in her photography and her eye for beauty are remarkable. She is a pleasure to work with and a truly gifted young lady.
— Charles Frame, The URBANWell Magazine
5 Stars, A+
She makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera and she genuinely cares about her clients!
— Meghan, Senior 2016
Nicollette took my senior pictures and the whole experience was incredible! Nicollette and one of the makeup artists she works with, Cher, were kind, funny, and very good at what they do. My pictures turned out so well; I could not be more happy with the results!
— Kiersten, Senior 2016
There’s only one word to describe Nicollette Mollet... Amazing! The first time I ever saw her artwork, I was my sophomore year in high school and I was blown away. I couldn’t forget the beauty that she captured in ever single person. Going into my senior year, my photoshoot was the senior activity I was most excited about. I spent months searching for the perfect outfits and the perfect themes, but what I didn’t realize was that it wasn’t about the outfits. Nicollette made sure that whatever I wore, I felt beautiful.
I was so nervous the day of my photoshoot, but Nicollette made me feel so comfortable. When she turned up the music and started dancing around the room with me, I felt right at home. I drove my parents insane with excitement waiting for my pictures.
When the day finally came, I was at a loss for words and my mom was in tears. I loved every single picture. Nicollette’s motto “Not Your Average Senior Portrait” holds so much truth. She can make anyone feel and look like a model.
— Jaylon, Senior 2015
There is some kind of magic in Nicollette’s camera. I am not sure how she does it, but I respect her & her work immensely. Her passion for photography, and for people really shines in the time you spend with her. I was anxious at first - of course. But within the first few minutes all of that anxiety faded away as she joked and we listened to music. The whole process was incredibly smooth and very fun. My Senior Pictures turned out even better than I could have imagined and she got them to me promptly. I would recommend Nicollette to anyone and everyone who has the opportunity to have their photos taken by her.
— Ben, 2014
Nicollette Mollet’s talent is golden. Since I discovered her work, I became obsessed and kept an eye out for every picture and update! When it was time to get some senior pictures taken, I did not think twice... Nicollette was the only answer. I was so excited.
The photoshoot was so much fun! Nicollette and Kate Yancey (HMUA) were so much fun to work with and be around. They made me feel comfortable and beautiful! I felt like a model! When I finally received my pictures, oh my goodness.... It was well worth the short wait. They turned out AMAZING! I couldn’t believe my eyes. I’ve been showing everyone my pictures and have gotten nothing but amazing feedback. I will definitely be back for more pictures in the future...
— Savannah, Senior 2015
I have nothing but amazing things to say about Nicollette! I was so nervous before I took my pictures, mainly because I had seen how freaking amazing everybody else’s turned out. Within thirty minutes, I felt so comfortable at my shoot. I was also nervous for that fake laugh that I knew I would have to do to achieve that typical “senior picture” picture. But, like, no, I was actually laughing in my pictures because Nicollette is so funny! She made me feel so comfortable.
Anytime someone from my high school said they were getting their pictures done by Nicollette, you knew it was gonna be good. She was able to make my senior pictures look like something out of a magazine. I keep begging my mom to let me get more pictures taken by Nicollette, cause she’s that good.
Nicollette is blessed with some serious photography skills, and honestly have not seen her take a bad picture. I cannot recommend her enough, like hello people, this chick changes LIVES!
— Alexis Bierman, Senior 2014