• So, like... what is the whole process? 

Step 1. Contact/Consultation:

Contact us by filling out the contact page. We will shortly reach back out to you with a questionnaire. Once you fill out the questionnaire, we'll contact you again to come in for a free consultation so that we can get to know each other a little bit better before the shoot. Nicollette wants to make every senior shoot unique, but in order to do that successfully, she's discovered that it'd be best to meet you first! During the consultation, you will all discuss what package would be best for you, what location(s), outfits, hair and make up styling, and all that fun and exciting stuff. Then you will schedule your shoot date. 

Step 2. Shoot Day!:

Show up to the shoot with a clean face, hair, and neutrally polished finger/toe nails! We will start pampering you, then get you in front of that camera to take some amazing shots. To the noobies out there, Nicollette will work with you on posing, no need to worry. After the shoot, you may take a break to go eat somewhere nearby (since you'll be exhausted from looking fabulous all day). This will also give her a chance to clean up equipment and erase all the eye-blinks, and blurry pics. After you've rejuvenated yourself with some fuel, come back to the studio, and we'll pick out your absolute fave images together. Nicollette is super picky when it comes to pictures of herself, so she wants you to have the chance to pick your best looks (with her help of course... it's going to be tough). After you've all picked out your ultimate faves that best fit your package, you can either decide to keep trucking through and assign photographs to prints/products, or you can schedule another Complimentary Goodies Session if you prefer to wait and see the edited versions first.

Step 3. Complimentary Goodies Session!:

If you haven't already picked out the goodies, this date is optional and can be done in person (my office) or even over the phone :)

Step 4. Pick Up Party!:

This is definitely Nicollette's favorite day. You all get to hang out again, with yummy snacks and refreshments while you make the big reveal of your photo gifts! This day not only let's her get to re-live her personal obsession for the unwrapping of gifts, but she also gets to make sure everything gets to you in perfect condition the minute you open it. 

  • How do I prepare for the shoot?

-Make sure your finger/toe nails are manicured and painted a neutral color to match most outfits. 
-Come to the studio with a natural/clean face/hair. 
-Do not spray tan the day before to avoid tinting your clothing (this is difficult to photoshop). 
-Have go-by's/images of inspiration ready to show us what you love in fashion (to the consultation and/or shoot)! (A good source for girls: www.fashiongonerogue.com; guys: www.thefashionisto.com)

  • My skin is sensitive to certain brands of make up. Do your HMUAs use skin-sensitive products?

Please let us know before the shoot about your skin sensitivity and we will inform our HMUA. They usually have skin-sensitive products in their kit at all times but it's good to let us know just in case. 

  • I have terrible style. How do I know what to bring as far as outfits go?

During the consultation, we will talk alllllll about dat. We will figure out what would look best on you and where to shop for the specific looks we're wanting to achieve. Some great places and brands to shop these days are: Free People, Urban Outfitters, NastyGal, Missguided USA, Aftershock London, Kendall + Kylie, etc. We will also have a Style Guide coming out soon, be on the lookout. 

© 2017, Nicollette Mollet Photography LLC
  • Do you sell all of the images from a session? If not, do you pick your favorites yourself? 

Nicollette takes extreme care of each image you choose by putting in time to perfect every detail, therefore she offers an average of 15-30 images per senior only. One image in the studio can take up to an hour to retouch, some more or less. Like the retouching professionals in the fashion industry, Nicollette does not take her editing lightly as every image she produces and releases is a work of art. With her impeccable attention to detail, she makes sure the image is 100% flawless but does not distort the likeness of you.

To further answer your question about choosing; we choose them together. We would love to have the full control of picking out our favorites, but in the end, these are your heirloom images that you'll keep forever. There will be some expressions that you or your mom will love because it's unique to you and your personality, even though we might be all like, "Whah? Your hand looks wonky!" (Full Disclosure: we will most likely, highly recommend against wonky-hand pictures and will guide you in the right direction, *wink*). 

  • Do you own the copyright after you sell the images and will you allow us to make reproductions of your work?

Nicollette does retain the rights to the images and will be allowed to use them for promotional purposes in the future. She does not allow clients to make reproductions of her artwork, however she is not responsible for archiving your images after 1 year from the shoot date, so make sure you purchase your products before that time ends. You are allowed to post online and social media that she will provide you with via flash drive. This will all be explained in the contract once you book your session. 

  • How does payment work? 

During the consultation, Nicollette will answer any questions you may have. You'll discuss pricing, payment methods, and the custom package that best fits your desires. A deposit of $650 is due in order to secure the special date and is refundable up to 60 days before the shoot. Payment plans are available.

  • What are the details of the payment plan? 

-The payment plan process is done through Square and it safely secures the credit card on file and automatically charges it on the same day every month
-Interest free
-Goodies or images cannot be given to you (client) until the payment has been fully compensated (so if you needed your images/goodies before April or May, the amount must be paid before then)
-The payment cannot be lower than $300/mo.

© 2017, Nicollette Mollet Photography LLC
  • When do we pay the hair and make up artist (HMUA)?

The hair and make up artist payment is included in the package.  

  • What is the turn around time for editing images + products?

It typically takes up to 2-3 weeks for 10-20 images and 3-4 weeks for 20-30 images. Please allow 2-6 weeks AFTER editing for products to arrive (depending on which products, since some take longer than others to produce). 

  • How many looks are included in one session? 

You may bring up to 5-6 outfits for variety and we will photograph an average of 4 looks. 

© 2017, Nicollette Mollet Photography LLC
  • Prom Dress?


  • Really?

...Okay, if you haven't already gotten your dream prom dress, we have a few suggestions. Make sure it's an elegant piece that will remain classic for years to come. Get inspiration from [The Best Of] Red Carpet events, not your peers. We want your images to be something you look back on with pride... not regret. We want you looking like Lea Michele in Elie Saab at the 2013 Golden Globes instead of Bleona Qereti in Shahla Dorriz at the American Music Awards. 

  • Do you sell digital, high resolution images? 

Long story short, we do not offer high resolution digital images. We give you a beautiful designer flash drive with images sized for social media only to share with friends and fam. To guarantee that your high quality photographs stand the test of time and get passed down through your family's generations, high-quality prints are the best option to ensure your beautiful portraits last.

  • Can my mom come with me? Is that lame? How about a friend?

Yes, of COURSE she can. And NO that's not lame! We love moms, and as cheesy as this sounds, we especially love moms when they shed happy tears in awe of their beautiful child in front of the camera. It happens all the time, and it's such a lovely moment. 
It's not necessary that moms come for the actual shoot (especially if you think you'll be shy), but we prefer to have them during the Image Selection process after the shoot for two reasons. 1) We're going to need at least a third opinion.. there will just be too many good options and 2) Mama knows what's best, what's appropriate for the walls of your home, and if she's the one with the wallet... Well, you get it.

You may have a friend or two come with you, but again, if you think you'll be shy in front of the camera due to their presence, we suggest letting your friends thrall to the anticipation of seeing your photos after the fact. 

  • I love your senior instagram videos. How can I get one of those and how much are they?

Nicollette's Senior instavidz are complimentary to any senior that wants one. Also, thanks, boo.

  • Any last suggestions?

Although you might be tired from the shoot,  we recommend finding a nice place to go with friends afterwards since your hair and make up will be looking absolutely fabulous.