I have finally finished a major task. For the first time ever, here is my magazine catalog for my seniors! The preview doesn't show all 76 pages of this pretty and new little thang but that's what the consultations are for! During our consultation we'll flip through your complimentary magazine and go over the collections, goodies, how to style your shoot, where we'll be shooting, etc. They are available for purchase if you're curious to check it out before we meet up.

So excited to show it off!
Love, Nico.

"SENIORS Volume I - TWENTY SIXTEEN//TWENTY SEVENTEEN by Nicollette Mollet is her in-house magazine and catalogue for seniors inquiring about senior portraits. With a background in fashion & beauty photography in Dallas, Texas, Mollet has seniors flocking from all over just to be photographed by her. Her expertise not only lies in creating unique portraits with a fashion aesthetic for her seniors, she is also one of the top retouchers and has a talent for photo illustration and design. Most of her products (a.k.a. Goodies) are custom designed by Nicollette Mollet herself, giving each senior a one-of-a-kind, incredible experience overall."
Nicollette Mollet